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3 C's and a Few Wyrds More

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(1) compliant

(2) complaisant

(3) complicit

Here I present you 3 "c" wyrds. And 3 wyrds more:


... refers to intellectual lethargy, or to laziness. People can be lazy in their thinking, in terms of how they process information.

They can be impetuous, having this mad habit of constantly jumping to conclusions...

... without bothering to entertain additional [necessary] questions...

... that require more expenditure of their time...

... when finally considering - or shall we say, reconsidering - the new results of a more thorough... more rigorous... and exacting examination.

People may be wrong-headed but, by and large, I don't think they're slowing down in terms of how busy their brain synapses are colliding back and forth, racing to and fro, tossing about wyrds when thinking this or that... ... and, yet, hardly can this seemingly normal activity be described as owing to lethargy - however simple-minded and riddled with error their thinking might be. In my thought processing, it's why I eliminated that particular "c" wyrd for consideration... almost immediately. This is why the word I chose, instead, was the explicit wyrd...

... either complaisant, complaisance, or complaisancy...

... depending on its usage in a sentence. This is a wyrd implying gregariousness - it suggests that one is gregarious.

One who is complaisant is given to complaisancy and displays a general willingness to be sociable. This person is often mostly forgiving, agreeable...

... but s/he shows a habitual tendency toward complaisance... of going along just to get along. It's a personality type with which we are all too familiar. With this in mind, reconsider these 3 C's in a new light. The idea behind this exercise exists to free yourself from slavespeak... ... and communitarian codespeak.

Think "coded" language - Orwellian newspeak.

But more on this to come - dare I say, the reversal of error is the astonishment of wisdom.

... So, by beginning my own list of 9 WORDS with the 3 C's is all-important when considering whether it can be made workable or not.

Ask yourself. Do you yourself exhibit any one of the traits or match the definition for what might well describe you? Would you say you were part of the problem? Or are you part of the solution?


All outbound links included within this entry are crucial to fully making clear its content. Remember, COMMUNITARIANISM is... (1) a PHILOSOPHY (2) an IDEOLOGY (3) a LANGUAGE (4) a resource and asset management SYSTEM (5) a RELIGION (6) and a LAW ... just as it can likewise be described as a political, cultural... as even a socioeconomic* system.

It is the rapidly emerging, present-day system of TOTALITARIANISM we are suffering under... ... which, ultimately, denies one the right to PRIVACY... ... and to stake his/her claim... to ownership of PROPERTY... ... unaccompanied by duties and responsibilities.

Here, we must consider that property which is YOUR body, YOUR mind, the psychophysical being that is the temple of YOUR soul. It's the fruit of YOUR own labor, the place where one hangs his/her hat up at night...

... since it is thought that a man's home is his castle - however grand, be it humble or mean. If a wo/man cannot own property under any construction of law, then that person is a [techno-]slave. Meaning that s/he IS, in actual fact, the real live property of another... or of some distant others - perhaps ever the more nebulous "community."

And answerable now... to what? to whom? to god-men or ghosts stolen away inside a Machine? If a wo/man cannot own property... then one is forced to assume the role of an interloper, a squatter, a trespasser... then a beggar... if s/he is even to survive. The ability to ever realize their fullest human potential has, sadly, now been lost. It's as if they'd all been sentenced to living life in prison... and in lockdown... subject now to round-the-clock surveillance... ... as they were finally all made slaves... to a mental construct... meted out by their betters.

Why, but of course... "Some animals are more equal than others!"

*This neologism was first coined and allegedly attributed to Amitai Etzioni and Mikhail Gorbachev. ... The 9 WORDS entry you see is similar to Lark on Communitarianism in the sense they are not solely my own reflections on these matters. They are built on words; and most I didn't invent. It is my attempt at fashioning a model, or a blueprint, for how one can reverse engineer this panopticon we find ourselves ensnared. My theory, being simple, is that "coming to center" requires as few a word as possible in order that these fewer words can more easily be called to mind, to remember in the midst of the withering onslaught of inconsequential [mind chatter]clutter. As I put it, the exercise is designed to take us back to first principles. To a time when our perceptions of the world were still comparatively new, before we had been too terribly socialized. Before we had developed the vocabulary to really start messing things up... ... and to a time when we would escape from all the noise... the distractions... and all those buzzing confusions, however briefly, so that we could let our thoughts drift in solitude - in daydream, silent revelry, or sheer exultation - to begin imagining anew just how wondrous and fulfilling our lives could be. If only we could find the time to work some things out for ourselves. How would we find our place in it? This life. Could we turn those dreams into reality? In the 60's "come to center" was regarded as desirable if one wished to be more focused and grounded in this reality. The opposite was to embark on a path that was described as a "self-destruct trip" - or a devil-may-care journey of, say, wonton lust. Or one could just as easily call it wanderlust acted out in haste, as if there were no tomorrows... or consequences. I encourage you to create your own blueprint, though, in order to make it better fit your own circumstances, so as to better fit your personal set of values.

The same for my listing of -isms here:

Lark on Communitarianism The Ism Book's List of Ism Words: Definitions of Words Ending in ISM The one criterion that I adhered to was that a particular -ism just could NOT be excluded from the list for someone to be able to comprehend communitarianism fully. So, in other words, I tried to be as concise, yet also comprehensive, as I knew how. Since it's actually a radically new form of totalitarianism some have called The Third Way, it was tailor-made to fit this new Information Age... ... as it was collaboratively designed to be imperceptibly impregnable... and abstruse... ... because it was intended that few will even be capable of fathoming its depths. The classic marker for any totalitarian system being that IT <hint, hint> postulates the worldview of an "elaborate ideology."

Communitarianism: First Things First

Keep in mind that I'm sharing these thoughts with you in hopes you will be able to improve upon my ham-fisted delivery. I characterize it as such simply because I have been unable to attract any serious sustained discussion over these past eighteen years.

And there are good reasons for this, I'm sure. Some of you are specially trained, as I understand it, to be teachers, whereas I am not... ... and so, therefore, I think of you as potentially being the superior, more skilled and effective communicators.

Others of you are what I regard as the consummate techies...

... with a firm grasp of how all these GRIN technologies were designed, in fullest force and effect, to eventually [and literally] enslave us all. Which is why I include you too in this discussion. The knowledge and the wisdom each one of you possesses... collectively... far exceeds my own. Please don't ever feel obligated to reach out. I am favoring you with my thoughts because it feels good to express them among strangers I also admire. So, as you can see, it's foolhardy and it's selfish on my part.

But the miracle you are even reading this is reason enough for me to extend my admiration. So, take what you read here... what you will... and then disregard the rest. I leave it for you to decide.

At the end of the day, what you do with all this chicken scratching is really all that matters.

If you're brand new to this website, I can suggest you start here:

* On Communitarianism: Collected Musings - April 2020

But remember to come back to this page often. And do pick up where you left off.

At the end of the day, absorb ALL of these wyrds, repurpose them, and then make them your own.

Postscript: The English language words "word" and "wyrd" have fascinating etymologies. See if you agree. Somewhere in time there was a beginning...


The Word is that which is written on the heart. Hearers of it are pointed The Way. To some it is a command. To others it is an ever-present Voice.
I think of words. I think of seeds. I think of wyrds. I think of songs. I think of signs and the symbols – of sights and sounds, voices and smells, touches and tastes, the myriad perceptions of wonderment – which tell me just how lovely this life can be. This glorious feeling... of simply being alive.
Some signs and symbols… of language… I’ve internalized. But now they‘re as digested… and they’ve come apart from that which I once imagined... was me.
These words were and still are… contract – well-being – economy – where once they had fueled my hunger... for nourishment and for healing… today they hold me… altogether.
These are words delivered with a kind of singsong cadence. Another man’s words might not serve me so well.


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Do you know the antonym, or the opposite, of this word "word"? Ten years ago, I wondered about this too. To my surprise, that word then was pleasure. Today, it's opposite is silence.

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